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Faith and Hope and Giving Everything Away


It’s time for an update!! I left Tacoma a week ago. Last Friday my girls and I got in the car and drove to Salt Lake City. My sisters treated me to a weekend trip to Las Vegas. I’ve been swimming and spending time in the sun (and the rain.) I haven’t had a real vacation for so long and I’ve been enjoying every single minute.

My last week in Tacoma was a whirlwind. I played lots of music, I enjoyed time with friends, opened my heart in new ways. I packed my car with one big suitcase of clothes, one small suitcase of shoes, three guitars, my pedals, a small bag of toiletries, a bag of coloring books/crayons/activity books, some stuffed animals, and two blankets. Everything else I owned was either given away or thrown away. It was one of the most physically and spiritually demanding weeks I’ve ever experienced but also contained moments of bliss. I still can hardly believe it will be my job to study music for the next four years. I remember clearly last Thursday I broke down in tears crying ‘I can’t do this’ because I couldn’t take a Molly bolt out of the wall. Each time I tried, the hole in the wall became bigger as plaster chunks crumbled to the floor. And my beautiful, gentle friend, Denise, said ‘Yes you can. You already are’ I guess that’s all I needed for encouragement because I kept going. I turned in the keys to my apartment that day.

Ever since last October I’ve been on a mission. A mission to get to Berklee. I’ve learned so much about myself on this journey. I’m tenacious and persistent and when I commit to something I put my blinders on and go. It’s a good quality but in some ways not so good. Nothing could have prepared me for how difficult it would be to get rid of everything. To say goodbye to practically everything and everyone in my life. I thought my stuff was just stuff but each and every thing I watched go away forever was attached to a memory of some kind. After everything was gone there was a strange emptiness that surrounded me. Change is hard. I know the life ahead of my is going to be amazing and filled with music and wonderful experiences but letting go of the old, the comfort zone, is not easy.

When Annabelle was in preschool her class got to watch the transformation of some caterpillars into butterflies. I was actually in her class when a caterpillar was forming a cocoon. It blew my mind as I watched because I always thought the cocoon was formed on the outside of the caterpillar. I figured it was a structure the creature built around it’s body like a cute little home. But I learned the cocoon is formed underneath it’s furry skin. Then it wiggled and twisted to peel away the furry layer. I was wondering if the shedding of that layer was painful.

It takes sacrifice to move to the next level. Sometimes pain. Sometimes emptiness. The uncertainty and the fear of the unknown is what’s making it hard for me. I’m homeless. I looked at my key ring yesterday. Yup, no house key. Just a car key. That’s the first thing people ask when they see me ‘So, have you found a place to live in Boston yet’ and each time a feeling of panic floats into my belly when I answer ‘no’ but I just can’t commit to a place without seeing the neighborhood and the schools. I’m believing that the perfect little place is going to be available just when we need it. I guess that’s what faith is, isn’t it? It’s faith mixed with a whole bunch of hope.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (‭Hebrews‬ ‭11‬:‭1 NIV)

I’m thankful for faith, hope, and also for all of my amazing, loving, supportive friends and family. Love and encouragement, faith and hope made ALL the difference to me this week.

I’m arriving to Boston on Aug 26. My orientation at Berklee begins on Aug 31 and school starts for my daughters on September 4. We have limited time. So, please pray we can find a nice place in a beautiful neighborhood with great schools within our budget. Thank you!

Tacoma News Tribune Article


Thank you so much to Larry LaRue and Lui Kit Wong for creating such a nice article about me and my daughters. You can read it here Tacoma News Tribune Article

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Juli Morgan Live June 1, 2014

Concert Image

I’m pleased to announce I am hosting a huge concert.  It’s my grand farewell as I’m leaving Washington to head to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College of Music.  It’s going to be an amazing night because The Rhythm Nation will be joining me and also it will be the long awaited reunion of Destiny,…

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Destiny Live at the Roseland Theater New Year’s Eve 1995. Opening for legendary guitar hero Joe Satriani. Juli Morgan-guitar, Jeff Morgan-bass, Erik DeBower-drums. Filmed by Dwayne and Hazel Howe of Cybernet Infomedia

Video: Comfortably Numb Solo

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