It all started some time ago…no, maybe it all started when I was 10…actually, I don’t know when it ALL started. But I can tell you I picked up a guitar one day in the summer before my 16th birthday and decided to learn how to play. My sister, Wendy, distinctly remembers me telling her I was going to learn how to play. She says I picked it up and played. I don’t remember it being that magical. I do remember the pain in my fingertips, the blisters. I do remember the pain in my thumb muscle as I was learning an F chord in the first position. I do remember the ache in my left wrist as I was learning barre chords. And I remember how much it sucked when I couldn’t play them.


It has been my passion, a joy, an endless journey towards a destination to which I hope I will never arrive. This wooden inanimate object has been so good to me despite how terribly I treat it sometimes. I don’t change the strings often enough. I hardly ever dust it or polish it. I broke 3 strings in one hour at a gig. I was so mad I picked it up bashed it against the bumper of my van 3 times and threw it inside. And one time by accident a lampshade fell and bashed a hole in my beloved. Oh, how the tears flowed. In this object I find myself. Like a mirror, it magnifies my pain sorrow brokenness joy hope love passions. Throws them back in my face many times as if to mock me. It’s never anything but brutally honest. It’s become such a part of me that sometimes I can’t tell where my fingers end and the strings begin…

Love, love, love. I love the cold steel feeling of the strings and how they subltly warm in areas my fingers have been. I love hearing the sound explode out of the body of the acoustic guitar. I love the ringing in my ears after I play with my Marshall cranked up. Can you tell I’m in love?

So yeah…that’s where I am with my guitar.

As far as my musical journey goes, well it’s too much to write just now. Maybe over time I can add details if you really want to know. I’ve been playing a really long time. I’ve played in concert halls, theaters, clubs, mess halls, retirement communities, small churches, big churches, coffee shops, tents, in the rain, in a cave, in the woods, at the ocean, in restaurants, casinos, big studios, small studios. I find happiness wherever and whenever I play my music. I’ve had an incredible time and I will continue to enjoy myself playing music. It’s what I do.

I write songs too. My heart is to play music for and about God and our savior Jesus Christ. It’s what I believe I was put on this earth to do. And I think it would be terribly disrespectful to say ‘God, I know you created the heavens and the earth, you are all powerful, amazing and wonderful, but I just don’t have the courage or energy to do what you’ve made me to do.’ Yeah…that would be quite rude. So, I press on.

I am SO pleased you have taken the time to hang out reading the ‘about’ page on my website. Eventually you’ll be able to find all of my music here. I will be uploading my recordings as I complete them. I hope you enjoy my music and if you like it, please pass it on.

I hope you are able to feel God and know He is with you. If you don’t know my God I can introduce you, or ask Him to introduce Himself to you. He’s good at that. If my music can help you connect to Him then I am most honored.

Thank you! The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen (Phil 4:23)

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