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Part of me doesn’t want to write about the last three weeks because it was so stressful for us. I think I’d like to forget about it because things are getting so much better…but if I don’t, I may lose perspective and forget how far we’ve come. I am so grateful to be right here,…

We Made It To Boston!


After three days and 2300 miles we arrived yesterday at the little studio apartment I rented in Revere, MA just north of Boston. We will be here until Friday (which happens to be my birthday.) I have some gracious friends who have offered for us to stay with them but I am believing in God…

Faith and Hope and Giving Everything Away


It’s time for an update!! I left Tacoma a week ago. Last Friday my girls and I got in the car and drove to Salt Lake City. My sisters treated me to a weekend trip to Las Vegas. I’ve been swimming and spending time in the sun (and the rain.) I haven’t had a real…

Tacoma News Tribune Article


Thank you so much to Larry LaRue and Lui Kit Wong for creating such a nice article about me and my daughters. You can read it here Tacoma News Tribune Article

My Life In 5 Boxes


Have you ever had to downsize? Downsizing is good right? I mean, I’m not all that attached to stuff…or so I thought. I’m leaving for Boston in 24 days. I figured all I would take is what can fit in my Ford Taurus. It’s got a really big trunk. Really, really big. A few weeks…

Miracles Do Happen!


I’d like to tell you a story.  It’s a story of strength, faith, perseverance, miracles and a dream come true.  Honestly, when I talk about it, it seems like I’m talking about someone else’s life but it’s actually my very own. Have you heard the story of Joshua and the Israelites? On the day the…

June 1, The Grand Farewell

Concert Image

Well, it was most definitely a night to remember! So many different styles of music, so many amazing people I got to play with, so many wonderful friends and family there to support and encourage me! I want to add pictures to this post.  They will be coming later! I have tons of thank yous….

Help Juli Get To Boston For Music School

It has been my lifelong dream to pursue music full time. I haven’t been able to manage it in my 41 years on earth until now…I’ve been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve been accepted to one of the most prestigious music schools in the country to study guitar. I’ve been awarded scholarships, grants…

Juli Morgan Live June 1, 2014

Concert Image

I’m pleased to announce I am hosting a huge concert.  It’s my grand farewell as I’m leaving Washington to head to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College of Music.  It’s going to be an amazing night because The Rhythm Nation will be joining me and also it will be the long awaited reunion of Destiny,…

Video: Hear My Cry

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