Video: Hear My Cry

Video: Time Guitar Solo

Video: Frostbyte

Destiny Live at the Roseland Theater New Year’s Eve 1995. Opening for legendary guitar hero Joe Satriani. Juli Morgan-guitar, Jeff Morgan-bass, Erik DeBower-drums. Filmed by Dwayne and Hazel Howe of Cybernet Infomedia

Video: Lord of Lords

My friend Jason Burns from the Gear Addicts agreed to help me record my video blogs. After the shoot he showed me his beautiful guitar collection and amongst the array was the PRS SE Mike Mushok baritone guitar. I picked it up and was dazzled by the sound and feel of this guitar. I started singing one of my favorite worship tunes and he said ‘Wait! We need to record this! I’ve never heard anyone play this style on a baritone guitar’

Thank you for watching!

Video: Wonderful God

This song has a special place in my heart. I seem to have a desire to hear it when times are rough. Instead of looking at my feet and the ground where things might be messy and muddy I am reminded to look up. Raising my eyes to view the wonderful universe God has created,…

Video: Comfortably Numb Solo

Here’s my solo from my recording of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. I tried my best to copy David Gilmour’s solo as close as possible. Then at about 1:50 I start my own solo. Thank you for taking time to watch. If you’d like to hear about why I decided to record this song click…

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